Deprecation of Anaconda boot parameters without inst. prefix

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Hello everyone,

Anaconda team has decided to deprecate use of Anaconda kernel boot
parameters without 'inst.' prefix. As you may already know you can
specify Anaconda kernel boot parameters both with and without 'inst.'
prefix (e.g. 'inst.repo=' or 'repo='). This deprecation means that when
you use Anaconda option without the 'inst.' prefix you will now get a
warning. We are *not* disabling parameters without a prefix yet.

The reason for this is keep running into parameter conflicts with other
projects. As an example there is 'debug' parameter for both kernel and
us, so when you want to enable kernel debugging in installation
environment you will also enable Anaconda debug mode.

Because of this I have created the following pull request for Anaconda:

In case you have any objections please start discussion either on the
pull request or here.

Best regards,


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