Re: "enabling zram.service on LiveOS boots"

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Hi Chris,

There has to be change in the live media creation. Anaconda don't have
power on what is booted on Live DVD.

I think the Fedora kickstart used to create the DVD Live image is the
change target here. That kickstart should enable the service so it will
be auto-started during the Live DVD boot. However, if we do that then
the service will be also enabled on the installed system which is
probably not what we wanted to do...

Adding Brian to the conversation. Do you have an idea how to enable a
service on the live media but not in the installed system?

Another option is to change the kernel boot parameters to require the
service as you said below, but that also has to change in the kickstart


On Mon, 2019-06-17 at 08:40 -0600, Chris Murphy wrote:
> Hi,
> Fedora Workstation WG agreed some time ago to enable zram.service
> when
> booting LiveOS, which is already the behavior for netinstalls.
> How should this be done?
> On netinstall boot I see zram.service is loaded, active, and executed
> /usr/libexec/anaconda/zramswapon by I think anaconda itself starts
> this service.
> On LiveOS boot I see zram.service is loaded, inactive.
> I thought about changing zram.service to add
> But that'd break the netinstall case.
> It could also be done by making only the LiveOS kernel command line
> include 'systemd.wants=zram.service'
> And still another option is I'm seeing there are two of these, at
> least in Rawhide Lives.
> [root@localhost-live ~]# systemctl list-unit-files | grep zram
> zram-swap.service                            disabled
> zram.service                                 static
> [root@localhost-live ~]#
> zram.service is part of the anaconda package, and zram-swap.service
> is
> part of  zram-0.3-1.fc30.noarch
> It's not yet determined if installed Workstation systems will change
> default behavior to swap on zram, zswap, or something else.
> Thanks,

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