Re: How to support disabling of activation of first kickstart network command?

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On 25.5.2016 11:11, Radek Vykydal wrote:

On 24.5.2016 20:37, Brian C. Lane wrote:
On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 02:28:49PM +0200, Radek Vykydal wrote:

3) New network kickstart command option --donotactivate with lower priority than --activate. Which means it would effectively apply only to the first
network command, for other commands it is the default.

network --device=ens3 --ipv6=2001::1/64 --gateway=2001::2 --noipv4

... does not seem very elegant

In my opinion, for RHEL 7 (and maybe even for master) we should go with 3)

What do you think?
Maybe add an argument to --activate instead? --activate defaults to
--activate=yes and then they can use --activate=no

AFAIK for optparse which is used in rhel7 pykickstart there is no way to define “optional option arguments” (unlike with argparse with nargs='?') - either the option requires an argument or not, so nothing like


at the same time.

I'll look if using some callback action for --activate could be a reasonable way to achieve this.

Turned out that even with action=callback the nargs parameter of option is honored (default is 1) and strictly checked when using "--option=value" syntax [1]. So using the callback, it is possible to handle variable number of option arguments, but not optional option argument.

Now to me it seems we need to use "--donotactivate". Perhaps Chris could have some idea, but I am out of them.

On the positive note, having the --donotactivate option may make the fact that default behaviour is not the same for all network commands a bit more discoverable (in the sense: "WTF? why two such options? When am I supposed to use this or that?!?". Maybe.

[1] For "--option value" syntax we could go with nargs=0 and handle remaining arguments (pop the value) in the callback. But it is insufficient.

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