Re: Potential deprecation in RHEL 7.3 ADDON API

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> From: "Chris Lumens" <clumens@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: anaconda-devel-list@xxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 2:36:12 PM
> Subject: Re: Potential deprecation in RHEL 7.3 ADDON API
> > This PR will cause that all existing addons to get deprecation warning
> > message. This includes our OSCAP and KDUMP addons.
> > 
> > The change is really small. You only need to change two lines of code.
> > I'm going to create PR for our addons when this PR receive ACK.
> > 
> > This change happens on master and it will be also in RHEL 7.3 .
> > I want to give you notification about this change before it happens by
> > this mail. If I missed something or you don't want this change please
> > write comments to PR or reply to this mail.
> You can avoid having to deal with deprecation warnings and all that if
> you instead define execute to also take *args and **kwargs, and then
> pass payload to it as a kwarg everywhere.  Addons that don't do that
> just won't have access to the payload, but that's their problem.
I think that the problem is that they might have overridden the method in their addon,
so that when we call it with an unknown kwarg they will get an exception.

They might have something like this in their addon code:

def execute(self, storage, ksdata, instclass, users):

Even if we change the parent class method signature to:

def execute(*args, **kwargs):

The overridden method will still be called when we call execute with payload=<payload instance>
and they will get:

TypeError: execute() got an unexpected keyword argument 'payload'

I can see two more or less hacky ways of working around this without breaking backward compatibility for
addons (which I assume should be maintained on RHEL, mainly due to custom addons customers might have):

1) Catch the type error and retry without the payload kwarg:

    ad.execute(foo, bar, baz, payload="ABC")
except TypeError:
    ad.execute(foo, bar, baz)

2) Use the inspect module to check if the method expects the payload kwarg (or **kwargs)
and only call it with it if it does. Note that this is ultra-bleh-hacky and probably
also pretty un-Pythonic.

> - Chris
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