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>>>>> "CD" == CLOSE Dave <Dave.Close@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

CD> Lately, when I run PXE on a new machine, I find that
CD> three or more of those addresses are reserved for Anaconda!

I have basically the same setup, and I've seen something similar.  In my
case, I don't use PXE (so the system BIOS doesn't try to use the
network) but I do stick the PXE images on either an existing grub setup
or a USB stick and the kickstart file itself comes over the network.

What I've found is that dracut will dhcp to get the kickstart file, and
then anaconda will dhcp to actually do the install and only afterwards
change to the static IP assigned in the kickstart file.  The dhcp client
identifiers are different, so even though the MAC is the same, the dhcp
server assigns different addresses.

In my case this isn't a big deal because the lease time for that block is
set to two minutes so while I've noticed it I haven;t seen fit to do
anything other than squawk about it on #anaconda in IRC.

In your case, I'm sure that the BIOS's dhcp attempt counts for the third
address.  And the overall issue is caused by each stage in the process
not somehow passing the IP address along.

I wouldn't guess it would be too hard for dracut to save the dhcpd state
file somewhere so that the dhcpd that anaconda runs could try to reuse
the same lease, or to ensure that both use the same client ID.  I have
no idea if the BIOS can save that information for dracut to use even if
that were desirable.

CD> Even though all the requests originate from the same MAC address,
CD> the DHCP server gives each request a unique response.

This may be configurable on the server, but honestly I'd just use a
short lease time.

 - J<

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