Announce: blivet-2.0.0

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Hi everyone,

I would like to announce the release of blivet-2.0.0[1]. See the
release notes[2] for information about all of the changes in this
version and the documentation[3] for the public API specification.

Some of the larger changes:
 - full PEP8 compliance
 - thread-safety
 - added support for creating LVM RAID volumes
 - added support for resizing LUKS encrypted block devices
 - use libbytesize[4] as the backend for blivet's Size class
 - device tree updates based on uevents (disabled by default)
 - dropped support for python2

For now there is a blivet-2.0.0 build in my copr[5] for anyone who
wants to check it out.

I also want to give a heads-up that I plan to build blivet-2.0.1 in
rawhide next week, which means switching anaconda to use it at that



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