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Hi Brian, in case it's not clear in the mockup - the partition/resize decision popup should only happen if the installation is just not possible otherwise. The idea here is we don't want people spending say 20 minutes going through every other spoke and customizing it how they like, only to have to throw that work away because they dont have enough space for the install and there is really no possible way they can have the space. (You know, kind of like telling your kid they can pick a toy at the toy store so they carefully decide which one they want and bring it to the counter, but then oops! I forgot my wallet! No toy for you!) 

I think right now we may actually throw a dialog up in the exact same spot, but that's only if the capacity of the disks detected (whether used or not) isn't enough for a minimum install. I may be wrong about that though, but I know we talked about it in the original design.

(I'm still out for this week and next but trying to catch up on email a little bit :) )


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1. No more wizard style spokes. Throwing the user right into making a
partition/resize decision isn't very friendly.

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