[Regression?] no more audio with Intel HDMI integrated sound card

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Good evening,

I have an Intel Comet Lake-based processor with an integrated HDMI port into which I previously used to put sound without any problems. I used to have this set-up for several months.

But for now, since one week or so, when issuing sound through HDMI, something very strange happens: the sound-emitting program freezes as soon as I switch it to HDMI audio and reacts again when I switch audio to anything else.

Can you please assist?

I am basically on Debian Bullseye, with a Xanmod kernel (very convenient!) and I have tried a lot of things in order to try and sort this up. No way.

Here is the ALSA report as provided by alsa-info_alsa-info.sh; http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=459e652de3f8f195ebb2a57e0324f313b14e49d2

Thanks a lot in advance guys,


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