Re: HDSPConf in the RME HDSPe AIO

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On Mon, 11 May 2020 20:24:40 +0200, Maurizio M wrote:
>Hi Ralf, thanks for your reply. If you tell me it can't be used then
>ok, it means that everything is normal and not a bug in the Power
>version. I use AlsaMixer and HDSPMixer even though I noticed that if I
>save the AlsaMixer settings and then open HDSPMixer, the AlsaMixer
>settings are lost and it returns as it was previously and I have to
>adjust everything again. For the rest the card works great, its
>quality is really high, full, detailed, dynamic and clean sound,
>really exceptional. Now I also bought the output expansion called AO4S
>/ 192, to expand the outputs of the AIO. It allows me to have 4
>additional stereo outputs and has its analog section and its DAC,
>independent and dedicated. Thanks for your informations.

Hi Maurizio,

next time please reply to the mailing list, instead of sending a reply
to my email address.

Yes, the audio quality of this and probably all RME cards is way better
than of all those prosumer audio devices. You can save hdspmixer
settings by the hdspmixer menus and you can make one of the setting
files the default, this way you only need to start hdspmixer. Running
alsamixer is usually unneeded, it provides a few additional settings.

Have you tested all 8 ADAT IOs? If so, do they work?
As already mentioned by my previous reply, here only 2 of the 8 ADAT
channels do their job.

I never tested an expansion. It works?


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