Re: human readable names for audio and midi channels

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On 5/31/19 22:05, Clemens Ladisch via Alsa-user wrote:
> Stefan Sauer wrote:
>> when using multi channel audio interfaces, it would be awesome to be
>> able to label the ports to make it easier to select the right (pair of)
>> channels in the software.
> ALSA has no mechanism to associate names to multiple channels belonging to
> the same PCM device.
>> Likewise for multi midi interfaces (like the classic emagic amt8).
> It is possible for each port to have its own name:
> $ aplaymidi -l
>  Port    Client name    Port name
>  ...
>  40:0    SC-8820        SC-8820 Part A
>  40:1    SC-8820        SC-8820 Part B
>  40:2    SC-8820        SC-8820 MIDI
> However, only the port's owner can change the name, so the USB audio
> driver would have to know about it.
>> Are there any thoughts on this to support this on the Alsa level?
> These labels should survive a reboot, but are not a property of the hardware,
> so they must be stored somewhere else.  It is not clear who should be
> responsible for that.

Yes of course, eg asoundrc.

> And if there were a new API, most programs would not know of it.

We only have a handful of pro-audio apps, sooner or later they'll use
the api. I think it would be better then each app brewing their own
alias config file somewhere.


> Regards,
> Clemens
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