[ANNOUNCE] - Reminder, TODAY: Mailing list migration to vger.kernel.org​

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The XFS mailing list is moving to linux-xfs at vger.kernel.org
today.  By the end of the day, we plan to disable the
list hosted on the oss sgi server.

I will mass-unsubscribe the entire oss list, and will set it up to
bounce back any new messages, to effectively disable the oss list.
The mass unsubscriptions will send a one-time email explaining that
the list has gone away, and will contain information about the new list.

I apologize that reply-alls which contain the old list will bounce back
to you; just watch out for that, I guess, and try to trim cc's if
you see the sgi list present.  I plan to add the bounce so that
nonsubscribers who didn't see these announcements will know that the
list has moved.

Unfortunately we are unable to transfer the current subscriber list
to vger, so anyone who wishes to remain subscribed to the xfs mailing
list will need to manually subscribe to the list on vger dot kernel.org.

Please see the URL:


for details and a helpful link.

The kernel.org list is active now, so please start making
the mental and technological transition to using that list for
new emails in the coming weeks.

In addition to list migration, we will also be moving all other
resources - git, ftp, etc away from the sgi server and onto
kernel.org infrastructure in coming weeks.

This is the last reminder about the move.  Thanks for hosting the
list for so long, SGI!  So long and thanks for all the emails.  ;)

Any followup questions about all this ... use the new list!


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