Re: [PATCH] xfs_logprint: fix the transcation type string for delaylog-enabled fs

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> Tying detection of transaction type numbering to an
> unrelated on-disk feature change is simply wrong. No ifs, not buts,
> it's just wrong.
Yes, I agree with you.

> Actually, it was introduced in 3.20-rc1, aka 4.0. It was propagated
> into xfsprogs 4.2.0-rc1. The trans type code in logprint is really
> for legacy filesystems with kernels older than 3.0.
> I don't see much point in trying to hack legacy support
> into the TOT diagnostic tool, especailly as it is trivial to pull
> a logprint from a previous release if such support is actually
> necessary. e.g:
> $ git checkout -b old_logprint v3.2.3
> $ make
> And now you have a logprint/xfs_logprint binary that you can use for
> diagnostics of the pre-delaylog log format.
> Removing functionality from the TOT code base does not mean that
> functionality is lost - it's still in the revision contorl system
> and a minute away from being usable if it's ever needed.
I just think about the compatibility things too much.

> Users won't know this, because "delaylog" is something that has long
> been deprecated and lots of users don't even know it exists.
> Really, just remove the transaction type printing from logprint and
> both developers and users can continue to ignore it like we have
> been for the past few years....
Thanks for your comment.
I will send a new patch to remove the transaction type printing.

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