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On Mon, 10 Oct 2011, praveen wrote:

i am New to Linux and X11. In a C++ program i need the Window ID of a
Opened Windows ...

here are the requirement from a C++  i have open a Process(say for Example Firef). Now i need to get the process ID this window in C++. How do i implement this. is there a equivalent Library call to xwininfo -name "firefox"

The process ID assocated with a window is not something an X11 server (and therefore xwininfo) is aware of, in part because the client that created the window is not necessarily running on the same system as the X11 server. Indeed, process IDs are an OS corcern, not an X11 one.

You might be able to find suggestions towards what you are looking for through a Google (or Yahoo, etc.) search.


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