Re: Debug statements inside xfree video driver ??

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On Sun, 29 Jun 2008, vishnuvaradan vishnuvaradan wrote:

Iam trying to integrate the xfree video driver for my PMC graphics card ..

while configuring and running the driver access some illegal memory area and
iam geting oops kernel access bad area..

I need to debug the video driver.. ( reg its IOBASE,mem base etc)

I added printf inside the driver but it is not coming in var/log

Please give idea how to add some debug statements(with variable values)
inside the  video  driver such that it will come in var/log ...???

The server closes stdout as part of its initialisation. You could use stderr instead, but it is preferable to use the xf86Msg() family of functions. These are documented in section 18.1 of the DESIGN document.


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