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From: dibyajyotibehera@xxxxxxxxx
To: kundan.nitrkl@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Re: [XFree86] Help: How to configure tinyx server for pc
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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 11:48:51 +0530

Hi Kundu,
Try the following format while starting Xfbdev
Xfbdev [:display] [option...]
in options give -2button  or -3button  to emulate 2 or three button mouse .
Best of luck.

On 2/6/08, kundan.nitrkl@xxxxxxxxx <kundan.nitrkl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
sorry that I could not log on for a long time as I was working on some other thing but here I am.
Thanks for your effort and time but I already have the links.
I read it somewhere that tinyX doesn't uses a config file but takes parameters from command lines so I was thinking if anyone knows of any such command through which I can make my mouse and keyboard work while I start my Xfbdev.
Right now I am stuck at the same problem despite making numerous changes to the XF86Config file or host.def file etc etc.
Any help is highly appreciated.
kundan das
Samsung India

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