Re: XFree86: ati driver problem

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Marc Aurele La France wrote:
Given you've been building from source, please let me know if the attached patch fixes the problem.



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Thank you for the patch, but it doesn't resolved all problems. After patching, there is no need to set Chipset "mach64". But it doesn't fix video distortion.

I've done a dig in the code and found that LCD clock calculation is broken. The previous version of system set LCD clock at approximately 65MHz, my new build sets it about 150kHz, and I have all my screen distorted. Overriding the frequency helped a bit, and now I get a jittered X, as with out-of-vsync on CRT.

I'm not sure if this bug is connected with XFree86 at all. There are several bits of information that it is a kernel bug. It seems to me that affected kernel versions are 2.6.22 and 2.6.23. Check this: .

I will continue debugging and try to localize the problem ASAP.
			Best wishes, Anton Mayorov

P.S. BTW, is there any way to load symbols both from XFree86 main executable and driver module simultaneously? Using xf86Break and xf86DummyVar is not very convenient...
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