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On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, c2k_list wrote:

Hello everyone,
I just can't get xinerama to work at all. In the attachment are the log and
the config file. But let me explain, where my problem is.

I have an Asus L3D Notebook with an SIS740 graphic chip. I've got a VGA port
for an extern monitor. Everything works fine under Windows.

The config file I attached actually started and no problems occurred, though
Xinerama is not working. The LCD display and the extern monitor both show
the identical screen (with a mouse on both screens) with the resolution of
the Screen_LCD (1024x768).

If I start X with either the Screen_LCD or Screen_Samsung, the server starts
just fine and the correct resolution of the screen is displayed on both

To add xinerema, I added the option in the layout and in a section
"ServerFlags" (option "xinerama" "true").

I hope someone can help me. I really would like to do more with Linux (I am
totally new), but being able to use both monitors will make it a lot easier
to progress. Thank you very much!

The SiS driver supports its own flavour of Xinerama called "merged framebuffer mode". This is information about this at ...


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