Re: Building XFree86 with SunPro on Sparc Solaris

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On Sun, 13 Aug 2006, Raymond Meyer wrote:

Hi, currently the latest version of XFree86 does not compile cleanly with
SunPro C/C++ compilers on Sparc Solaris. Many files have GCC specific syntax,
like __volatile__ and __asm. There is an Imakefile that is hardcoded to pass
-Wa options to Sun compiler/linker, which causes errors. Are there any efforts
to make XFree86 less GCC specific, because to be honest the executables
generated by GCC on Sparc Solaris suck compared the executables generated by
Sun's compilers.

I don't have a license for Sun C compiler to test this out with, but this should work, especially after David's post-4.6.0 changes regarding imake's choice of compilers.

It sounds like imake is detecting the presence of GCC on your system, in addition to that of Sun's compiler. If so, try moving the gcc binary elsewhere and re-make World.


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