RE: Will the behaviors of XFree86 be effected by different kernel?

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   Most likely, part of the offscreen video memory that the driver
told XAA it could use for pixmap caching is not accessible so things
placed there disappear.  The order in which things are started
determines the packing order of offscreen pixmaps so that's why
#3 changes which things disappear.  Most likely it is an interaction
with a kernel framebuffer device.  Namely, the kernel framebuffer
device is setting some graphics card state that prevents all the
videoram from being accessible and the XFree86 driver is unaware
of this.   This is unlikely to be an XAA issue.

   If the XFree86 driver is assuming the card is in the POSTed
state, that may be a bad assumption in light of a kernel framebuffer
device.  You might want to check what the kernel framebuffer
device is doing with regards to video memory partitions, etc...


On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, cckuo wrote:

> Sorry for late replying your email.
> The situation is attached as the picture and we use the "rdesktop", a remote
> connect tool to control English Server 2003, the text part will be broken.
> 1. After setting the option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps" or
> "XaaNoScreenToScreenCopy" I can't reproduce the problem. I know these two
> option will let the XAA determine whether it can call the call back
> functions that driver registered in the beginning.
> 2. If I reduce the memory size reported to FBmanager, less than 4Mb, it will
> also disappear. I know this behavior will let the XAA generate less big
> slots.
> 3. if I use xinit instead of windows manager to activate the Xserver,
> execute "rdesktop" in xterm. It will disappear.
> 4. So far it only happens on the English Server 2003, and English XP is OK.
> 5. use kernel 2.4.X it will disappear, but kernel 2.6.X will fail.
> I am right now studying the source codes to realize the relationships
> between 1 and 2.
> But I really confuse why the 3, 4 and 5 will happen.
> I am not quite sure whether it was a bug of XAA, the windows manager or even
> the driver's fault. But from 3, I guess it may not driver's fault.
> If you have any opinions about this bug, please let me know.
> Appreciate your help in advance.
> Sincerely Yours,
> cckuo
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> From: Mark Vojkovich [mailto:mvojkovi@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 1:13 AM
> To: cckuo
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> Subject: Re:  Will the behaviors of XFree86 be effected by
> different kernel?
>    I wouldn't expect the behavior of an XFree86 graphics driver to
> change with a kernel except for, perhaps, something related to 3D
> using the DRI.  I suppose it's also possible that a kernel
> framebuffer device could interfere with an xfree86 driver in some
> way.   The XFree86 sis driver has a "NoAccel" option you can use to
> force software rendering.  If there is still rendering corruption
> with that option, that would suggest that it's not a driver
> acceleration problem.
>                         Mark.
> On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, cckuo wrote:
> > Dear X friends:
> > Recently I play the "rdesktop", a software like XP remote desktop, on
> > XFree86 4.3.0.
> > And the text will get blur only when I use Kernel but it will
> > disappear when I change to kernel 2.4.27.
> > Since the accelerator in the XFree4.3.0 is XAA, are there some
> acceleration
> > in XAA will be effected by the kernel?
> > Ps: My platform is sis741.
> > Appreciate your help in advance.
> > Sincerely Yours,
> > cckuo
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