Persistent 'no devices found' error

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I am having some problems getting XFree86 working on an HP Vectra Ve. I
installed XFree86 as part of Red Hat Linux 7.3

The installation went fine with a nice graphic display telling me how the
installation was progressing and indeed when I first boot, the GRUB 0.91
introductory screen seems to work fine. After that, however, I do not seem
to be able to get a decent graphic display.

The PC is fitted with a SiS 5512/6502 chipset on the motherboard and when I
run Xconfigurator, all seems to be probed nicely but startx always fails. I
did manage to get an unuseable 320x200 display working by substituting the
sis module with vga. (Why is there no svga?)

I then installed an Orchid Prodesigner II ISA card with identical results.
(Both log files are attached along with the vga result)

Points to note are:-

1. Why do I seem to get an acceptable display before XFree86 fires up?

2. It would seem that I have used two radically different display chipsets.
One SiS the other Tseng ET4000 yet the failure appears identical.

3. There appears no hint of any problems in the .log file up to the 'fatal'

4. If ther is no hope with my particular setup, is it possible to improve
the vga resolution? I tried but without success

Has anyone any ideas?


Simon Wyre

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