Where are Xlib.h and Xutil.h?

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Hi, 2 questions to start.

1)  Is there a public archive of these lists
somewhere?  I have not been able to find it on the
web, but I'm sure most of my questions have been asked
before, so I'd hate to waste your time.  

2)  I have installed Xfree86 for Darwin / Mac
OS X, and it seems to work properly.
Now I am trying to compile the fvwm window manager. 
When I try to "make" that application, I get these
error messages:

FShape.c:24: header file 'X11/Xlib.h' not found
FShape.c:25: header file 'X11/Xutil.h' not found
FShape.h:23: header file 'X11/extensions/shape.h' not

What can I do about this?  Thank you very much!  

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