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I am quite a newbie not only at XFree but at Linux too.

Got SuSE 8.1 installed on my system several days ago and are trying now to get 
my old voodoo2-card run properly.

What to install?
The SuSE 8.1 installation included some X11 files, but they seem to be 

I found RPMs for XFree which seem to fit my case. Because some info-window 
explained I got an i686 machine, I downloaded all stuff as .i686.rpm and 
installed it.

The XFree86-Xserver prerequires /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt. I didn't find an 
i686 distribution. Can I mix with another (i585 for example?)?

What do I need, what do I need to do to run the voodoo2?

ys, Peter Lutz

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