Problems with XFree86 on my laptop

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Hi @ all,

thanks for your responses ;). I tried several configurations and by connecting an external monitor to my machine (Compaq Armada 1530D) I got the horizontal and vertical frequences (31.5 kHz and 59Hz). I tried to view the websites you mailed to me, but the most links, promissing infos for my laptop, didn't work (ERROR 404 :(). I configured my X-Server using "xf86config" with this frequences and my graphics chip (Cirrus Logic GD 7548), but it didn't work ;(.

I have a new interesting information for you: If I connect an external monitor to my machine and switched it in paralell monitor mode, so the display and the monitor were synchronised. Then my X-Server works properbly good until I shut down it. After shutting down the screen is flickering in console mode and even after restarting the X-Server. Switching in synchronised mode fixes the problem.

Does anybode have an explanation for that?

Jan-Christian Krause
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