Re: Cirrus Logic 5430 and XFree86 4.x

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is it correct that the 4.x driver for the Cirrus Logic 5430 chip does not
support interlacing while the 3.3.6 driver (XF86_SVGA) did ?

If yes, is it likely that support for interlace will be added to the
4.x driver ?

The reason I ask is that I was able to get 1024x768 at 16 bit with 3.3.6
I am having trouble to get a working 800x600 at 16 bit in 4.x ...

Yes, I've observed the same phenomenon with an Alpine video board based on

PPS: I couldn't find a publicly accessible mailing list archive for this
     which I think is a shame.

The following link has been given in a previous mail to this list
and it works !!!

Hope this helps,



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