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Hello All!

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	I have a question about use of FBDev X Server. Or driver.

	This man page http://www.xfree86.org/4.2.1/fbdev.4.html states
	that this driver supports depths starting from 8bpp.

	8bpp is too _high_ limit for me.

	Where from this limitation comes?
	Is this limitation of a FBDev driver?
	Or this comes from applications?

	The problem is that we have a chip which supports only 16 colours -
	pseudo colour mode. And we really do not need more in our app.

	My idea was to try to write frame buffer driver for this chip and
	XFree86/FBDev on top of it.

	So - Is it possible to use XFree86/FBDev with just 16 colours?
	What kind of problems I can meet then?

--- Regards&Wishes! With respect  Ihar "Philips" Filipau AKA Igor Philippov,
and Phil for friends

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