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hi all,
i just installed X for 6th time on a freeBSD 4.6. did
different installs - from the ports nad from sources i
got from and other mirrors. i haven't used X
before but i've been using the command line for years
now. i poked around and online but so far no big help.
the issues are:
1. no matter what environment i pick - gnome or
sawfish - there isn't any colors. i reedited the
server conf file gazillian times - same result - no
colors which is the reason netscape doesn't show any
images i guess...
2. what is most annoying is that every time i open a
menu on the window menager and sellect something the
menu stays open - doesn't close up. and if i move a
window i get this onion skin effect all over the
3. i also suspect that if i select genome-session in
my .xinitrc file i get gnome and sawfish and who knows
what else runnung.
i don't really have a lot of time to sit for the next
week and go through all the files and figure out stuff
i was hoping to get some information how to solve the
above issues here...  onece and for all...


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