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Hi Jonathan,

My be you misunderstood my question about RH.
I am perfectly confident with Slackware. Your are right,
I have colleges using Debian and SuSe and they all say
Debian is good but SuSe is better from security point of view.
SuSe has also turned out to contributed a lot to XFree86.

No, this not strictly related to X in any way. It is supposed to find
out what "modules" to be inserted into the kernel. It is normaly
defined in /lib/modules/... depending on the installation.
char-mayor-226 tells it should be a device /dev/... Can not currently
find the standard allocation of device mayor allocations. I have it.
Just can't locate it just now.


At 15:29 2002-11-30 -0600, Jonathan Drews wrote:
>On Saturday 30 November 2002 04:30 pm, Hans Borg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Have followed this forum for a time.
>> No doubt that video-cards and associated monitors present problems
>> in any X-server used (XFree86, XFreeBSD .....).
>> My impression, though, is that a lot of people using RedHat are
>> running into problems. I my self is using Slackware. I have been told
>> that Slackware requires more "knowledge". Isn't  that what Linux is
>> about. The user have control. RedHat seems to approach MS-widows OS.
>> That is probably why I am getting so many reports about security
>> holes introduced by RedHat.
> I have found Libranet (which is Debian Woody with an install interface) 
>to be very good. No problems with X in that one.  I think SuSE is ok. 
>My video in SuSE runs well. However I am curious about the  "modprobe: 
>can't locate char-major-226" warning.  I thought this was associated 
>with X in some way.
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