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On Saturday 30 November 2002 12:09 am, you wrote:
> I installed slackware linux 8 and am a linux newbie.
> I have attached the log file that was created when I
> tried to start X.  Can anyone help me figure out what
> the problem is?
> -Laura
>From my limited expertise, after looking at your log I see that you don't 
have enough vidio ram for any screen resolutions. What that probably means is 
that X did not recognise your GeForce2. As others have said, you should (as 
root) run the X configurator again and see that your card is recognised. One 
more way of accessing that is to simply type "setup"  without the quotes 
(full path should be /usr/sbin/setup) and select X configuration from the 
menu you see there. Use the usual up/down arrow keys and the tab key to 
navigate the menu. If your card is not found, you will probably need to 
d'load the latest XFree86 and perhaps linux drivers for your card from nVidia
Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free

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