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On Friday 29 November 2002 11:09 pm, Barnhart wrote:
> I installed slackware linux 8 and am a linux newbie.
> I have attached the log file that was created when I
> tried to start X.  Can anyone help me figure out what
> the problem is?
> -Laura

First off, I'm really impressed that you decided to start off with Slackware 
as your Linux distro.  I've used Slackware (and currently use FreeBSD), and I 
always liked the more command-line driven feel.

Anyway, the first thing I'd recommend is that you make some upgrades.  Install 
the latest version of Slackware (which is 8.1 if I remember correctly).  
That'll give you a lot of base updates.  Second, download the newest XFree86 
(4.2.1).  The best way to do that is through CVS (concurrent version system).  
There's an explaination of how to access CVS on the XFree website; if you 
can't figure that out, let me know and I'll send you a simple shell script to 
do it.  When you use CVS, you are downloading the most current source code.  
You then have to build the source code on your system.  This basically 
entails typing "make world" and "make install".  It pretty much does 
everything for you.  Note that you'll have to make and make install as root.

After you install X, run xf86config.  This program helps you set up X to like 
all of your devices (like your graphics card and mouse).  You'll have to run 
this program as root.

After you finish all that, X will most likely start.  If not, we can try 
something more creative. ;)

Good luck, and have fun,

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