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Hello List.

I haven't played with Xfree86 in several years, since I was in college
running an early release of Xfree86 over OS/2 Warp.  Times have changed
some.  Then, I was using XF86 to connect to an AIX box to run heavy-duty FEA
software without having to hike across campus.  Now, I want to look into the
various LaTex options so I can get away from the M$ behemoth.

Anyhow, I recently bought a new Apple iBook (the 800mhz PPC version w/ 600
Mb memory(!)), and I want to make sure I install Xfree86 correctly.  So I
have a few questions:

1)  	Running the install script as root
	In the world of most modern Un*x boxes, it's simple to do this.  Darwin is
a bit different.  I'd prefer not to enable root on the iBook (just because
it's the Apple way).  Is it sufficient to sudo the install process so it
runs with root authority?

2)	Any feedback from other Xfree86/Darwin users?  Any pitfalls or patches
that are a "must-have"?  I'm going to install 4.2.0 first, then the 4.2.1

3)	Are there any Darwin-specific mailing lists or user groups out there?

Anyhow, thanks from a new old newbie.



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