Re: x on a Dell C600 Latitude w/ ATI Mobility 3

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On Monday 04 November 2002 04:31 pm, Ian J Peters-Campbell wrote:
> I need to install the X server on some laptops at school as part of a
> project, and I am running into some problems.  Te laptops are Dell C600
> Latitudes, and according to both the company spec page and the windows
> system manager the machine has an ATI Mobility 3.
> My problem is that after I go through xf86config and run startx the server
> comes up, but incredibly poorly.  Te hsync and vsync seem to be -way- off,
> and the whole screen is basically a blur opf bad reception.  I have tried
> various different setings that I thought might work, and notng seems to.
> Does anyne out there have the same machine, with the X server up and
> running successfully?  Advice on proper sync rates, along with which
> server I ought to be running, etc. would be great appreciatd.  Tanks in
> advance :)

I'm running openbsd 3.1 on a Dell Latitude cpi 300.
I got a good X display of 1024x768 by adding
	HorizSync 31.5-57
	VertRefresh 43-90
to my XF86Config file

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