Re: degrade refresh rate for LCD

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My experience with larger LCD monitors, under analog mode, is that
they can be very picky about these things and easily lead to
interference.  So, -if- there is interference than I would try to go
down to 60hz (of course, this email doesn't help you do that, sorry :)
).  But if there is no interference, then follow the below loupe


On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 11:03:46AM -0500, Maxwell Bottiger wrote:
> Although 60hz is a fairly universal refresh rate for monitors, as long as 
> it doesn't cause interference running any monitor (LCD or CRT) at a higher 
> refresh is not at all bad for it.  If your monitor could not safely (or 
> phyisicaly) display a particular refresh rate you'd either get a garbled 
> picture or none at all.
> For the most part I find leaving the monitor refreshing somewhere between 
> 70-75 hz is usually a good thing, since you never run into problems with 
> it flickering under regualr AC lighting.
> If I were you I'd leave my screen where it is and be happy with it.

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