Re: XSK + ZC, shared UMEM and multiple Fill/Completion queues - broken?

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> OK, I believe I have found the problem and have produced a fix for it.
> As usual, it is something simple and stupid, sigh. I will post a patch
> here tomorrow. Would you be able to test it and see if it fixes the
> problem with corrupted packets in your app? If it does, then I will
> post the patch on the netdev mailing list. Just note that even if this
> fixes this, there is still your RSS problem. Maciej is looking into
> that. You were also reporting stalls, which we should examine if they
> still occur after fixing the corrupted packets and the RSS problem.
> /Magnus

That’s awesome - thank you! Happy to test - just fire it over.

We’ve observed “differing” behaviour, and we did wonder if there were two overlapping issues. Unfortunately we could not identify a specific order of operation to trigger behaviour A (e.g. queue 1+ not working) vs behaviour B (e.g. queue stalls). Have you observed alternating behaviour with xdpsock_multi?

Kind regards

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