Re: XDP multi-buffer and AF_XDP

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On 01/04/2022 13.39, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
Kal Cutter Conley <kal.conley@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

We are very interested in receiving jumbo frames (> 8000 bytes) over
AF_XDP. Does XDP multi-buffer support XDP_REDIRECT with AF_XDP? What
about in zero-copy mode?


Looking into this more I found this comment in the mlx5 driver:

/* Don't enable multi buffer on XDP_REDIRECT SQ, as it's not yet
* supported by upstream, and there is no defined trigger to allow
* transmitting redirected multi-buffer frames.

So at least mlx5 does not yet support XDP multi-buffer with
XDP_REDIRECT. What "upstream" support is required to get XDP_REDIRECT
to work with XSKs?

Well, the initial patch set for multibuf explicitly blocked XDP_REDIRECT
between interfaces, which is what that comment is referring to (the TX

For AF_XDP we'd also need to define the UAPI, and maybe add a socket
flag so the userspace program can signal to the kernel that it
understands it? Not sure about the details.

You're definitely not the only person who wants this, though; adding in
some people who may have a better idea of the exact steps needed.

Cc. Eric Sage, as he also expressed interest in implementing this...


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