Re: AF_XDP socket TX path interact with TC?

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> What is your use-case for adding a TX-timestamp to the packet?
> --Jesper
my use case is rather simple, I want to use AF_XDP for traffic tester
type of application, essentially, this application generates testing
traffic, egress via NIC-1, goes into a DUT, and DUT forward the
traffic back into NIC-2, the application need to measure the DUT's
forwarding latency for each packet, so it needs to know the timestamp
of test traffic TX on NIC-1 and RX on NIC-2

|---------------- | DUT |----------------|
|                 +-----+                |
|                                        |
|          +-------------------+         |
|  <-----  |                   |  <----  |
+----------|NIC-1        NIC-2 |---------+
           |                   |

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