AF_XDP (i40e) behavior change in 5.11?

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./xsk_fwd -i ens1f0 -q 2 -i ens1f1 -q 2 -c 5 -i ens1f0 -q 3 -i ens1f1 -
q 3 -c 6

On 5.10, the cores (2,3) assigned interrupts for the queues (2,3) are
idle when there is no traffic.

On 5.11, the cores immediately go to 100% system time when the program
starts (as viewed in htop). There is no network traffic.

Intel 710/i40e.

I tried this with xsk_fwd built from 5.10 and 5.11 trees with the same

Is this behavior change expected?

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