bpf_redirect and xdpgeneric

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Weird question:

Should there be a reason for me to expect bpf_redirect to fail when
redirecting, in XDP, to the egress of an xdpgeneric device?

I'm redirecting from an XDP program on a tap device, out the igb eno1
to the Internet (and fixing MAC addresses). I can redirect to other
tap devices, but not to eno1.

I was going to try with bpf_redirect_map, but I'm having tooling
trouble there (I can't get iproute2 to load a BPF object file with a
pinned DEVMAP; it complains that the flags don't match). But for my
purposes, bpf_redirect would be fine.

(My testbed is 5.6, for whatever that's worth).

This mailing list is fantastic and you are all excellent. Thanks
whether or not anyone has any thoughts.

Thomas H. Ptacek

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