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Hi all,

just a small announcement that the service is now archiving and indexing all patch series coming through LKML. The main page is at

Patchew is not unlike patchwork, in that it will collect and index patch series as they appear on a mailing list. Its functionality also overlaps a bit with b4 in that it recognizes and stores various tags sent in reply to the patch series, and also links together different submissions of the same series. It has been in use for a few years with various virtualization projects (it was created during the patchword 2.x stasis), and recently MPTCP has also based its CI on Patchew plus GitHub Actions.

The LKML integration is still a bit new and experimental, so it is not yet applying the patches to a git tree like it does for other projects such as QEMU; this also means that for example it is not yet possible to "search by maintainer". However, the patches are already searchable by to/cc, and also available via REST API at

Our hope is to further integrate Patchew with the various mailing list workflow tools in the coming months, for example using b4's three-way merge.

The website has some small server-side functionality for users to mark series as accepted/rejected, though it lacks something like the delegation feature of patchwork. To use this functionality you'll need an account, which right now must be created by myself. Please contact me offlist if you're interested (though by all means reply on the mailing list if you want further information on the tool).


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