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I'm really excited about lei; thanks very much for working on it!

On Fri, Nov 05, 2021 at 01:07:38PM -0400, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> By default, `lei -q` will save your search and start keeping track of it. To
> see your saved searches, run:

I think this is a typo for "lei q".  I only mention it because this
typo also appears in your blog:

> To edit your saved search, just run `lei edit-search`. This will bring up your
> $EDITOR with the configuration file lei uses internally:

This isn't working for me.  With current public-inbox (07cd8973baf8
("Makefile.PL: fix useless use of push")), I get:

  $ lei edit-search
  usage: lei edit-search OUTPUT
  E: OUTPUT not supplied
  $ lei edit-search out
  --no-save was used with out cwd=/home/bjorn

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

"lei help" and "lei --help" are not very useful because I can't figure
out how to even get a list of the commands:

  $ lei help | cat
  usage: lei help [SUBCOMMAND]
  show help

  $ lei --help | cat
  usage: lei COMMAND ...

lib/PublicInbox/ *looks* like it has good help text in it, so
maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Also their output gets piped through $PAGER by default, which isn't
super convenient.


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