Re: [RFC PATCH v1 1/2] docs: add a document about regression handling

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On Mon, 3 Jan 2022 18:20:23 +0100 Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> On 03.01.22 18:07, Jakub Kicinski wrote:
> > On Mon,  3 Jan 2022 10:50:50 +0100 Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:  
> >> +How to see which regressions regzbot tracks currently?
> >> +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >> +
> >> +Check `regzbot's web-interface <>`_
> >> +for the latest info; alternatively, `search for the latest regression report
> >> +<>`_,
> >> +which regzbot normally sends out once a week on Sunday evening (UTC), which is a
> >> +few hours before Linus usually publishes new (pre-)releases.  
> > 
> > Cool, I wonder if it would be a useful feature to be able to filter by
> > mailing lists involved or such to give maintainers a quick overview of
> > regressions they are on the hook for?  
> Ha, that's a great idea, many thx. I have been scratching my head for a
> while already how to give maintainers a better overview, but the only
> thing I came up with was "check the merge path a commit causing the
> regression took", which has a few obvious downsides (it for example
> won't work if the culprit is not known yet). This should work a lot better.
> But be warned, will likely take a few weeks (months?) before I get to
> implement that: I have less time to work on the regzbot code than in the
> past weeks, as I have to take care of a few other things first (most of
> them related to regzbot).

No worries, do ping when you got it ready tho :)

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