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> I'd like to also mention that I'm hoping to add a few more features to b4 that
> will hopefully improve the patch submission process for folks.

This looks excellent! I wanted to mention a few features that have been
popular in the git-publish patch series management tool
( in case you want to include
something similar in b4:

- "Profiles" (.gitpublishprofile or stored in .git/config) with To and
  CC addresses, --subject-prefix, cover letter templates, etc. The
  default profile is automatically loaded when you run "git publish". If
  the git repo you're working on includes a default profile then you
  don't need to specify any command-line options to send a correctly
  formatted patch series to the maintainers! A great help for one-off
  contributors but also a time-saver for regular contributors.

- An interactive mode that lets you inspect the final patch series and
  edit the CC list. Avoids mistakes and embarassment :).

- Saving the CC list between revisions (v2, v3, etc).

- Sending pull requests (for sub-maintainers) because there are times
  when pull requests also need a v2 or even a v3 ;). The workflow is
  basically the same as sending patch series.

- githooks(5) before sending patches series and pull requests. Useful
  for coding style and patch series linters.

The git-publish man page is here if you want to read more:


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