Re: Review process improvements

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On Fri, Dec 17 2021, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:

> [...]
>    - on the receiving end, the patches will be written to a dedicated
> feed *as-is*, but also sent to the recipients after doing
>      the usual From/Reply-To substitution and moving the original From into
>      the in-body git headers (i.e. same as GGG does).

That GGG does this is one reason I haven't considered using it. It
breaks all sorts of E-Mail workflow assumptions from polluting the
address book for every person who uses it, to any "from:<addr>" search
needing special consideration etc.

Of course you'd need authentication etc, but is there a reason for why
such tooling can't work more like an SMTP relay and less like GGG which
(for some reason) insists on taking over the "From" header?

I think in its case it's because it wanted to mirror all the discussion
to GitHub. But presumably a ML-native tool won't have that problem (and
presumably GGG could do the same mirroring by following the ML after

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