Re: [RFC PATCH v2 0/2] Create 'Posted:' and 'Reported:' tags for links in commit messages

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/me grumbles

Stupid me mixed up the the subject when editing, which should read
'Posted:' and 'Reported:', as can be seen from the body of the cover
letter and the subject of v2. Sorry.

/me wanders off to find a place to hide in shame

On 09.12.21 10:52, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> [Preface: sorry, this likely will cause some bikeshedding; but I got the feeling
> I should bring this up, as my Regression tracking bot relies on the Link: tag
> and thus making its ambiguity worse]
> The following patch proposes to create two new tags for stating URLs in commit
> messages. They are meant to make it obvious what provided links are about. This
> is useful for both users and scripts analyzing commits, as right now they have
> no simple way to see what a provided URL is about – they thus have to guess from
> the URLs or follow each one to check.
> The proposed tag 'Posted:' should point to the last public review posting of the
> patch in question, while 'Reported:' is meant to be used for linking to bug
> reports. The 'Link:' tag, which until now covered these two aspects, stays
> around for other kind of links, for example for links to PDFs or webpages with
> background information relevant for the patch.
> This submission partly is triggered by regzbot, my Linux kernel regression
> tracking bot ( ). It
> automatically marks a tracked regression as resolved when it notices a commit
> with a 'Link:' pointing to the report of the tracked regression; it also uses
> this to detect when a proposed fix is posted for review. In preparation for this
> I recently improved the kernel's documentation on 'Link:' to the best of my
> understanding in commit 1f57bd42b77c ("docs: submitting-patches: make
> section about the Link: tag more explicit"). I also started pointing out that
> usage to various people when I noticed it was missing. Quite a few developers
> didn't know that 'Link:' was supposed to be like this or completely unaware they
> were supposed to links bug reports. Developers from the DRM subsystem were using
> 'References:' instead; some developer also simply used footnotes.
> Regzbot doesn't need a 'Reported:' and could continue to work as it does right
> now -- with me continuing to educate developers, no big deal. But I wondered if
> I was making the "Link: is ambiguous" problem worse. This lead to this
> submissions, as I always found it a bit confusing that 'Link:' is used for
> different purposes – and hence felt like I should bring this up now, as I then
> can sleep well even if this bolt proposal is rejected. :-D
> Obviously two new tags will force developers and maintainers to adjust habits
> and scripts, so it's nothing that should be done lighthearted. But sticking with
> an ambiguous Link: tag for the foreseeable future might not be the best idea
> anyway, as we live in times where people analyze commits with scripts for
> studies and statistics on reviews and bug reporting.
> For 'Posted:' the change hopefully shouldn't be much work for people anyway, as
> many just need to update their `git am` hook or switch to a hypothetical new
> version of `b4` that was adjusted to place 'Reviewed:' tags instead of 'Link:'.
> It's a bit more of a hassle when it comes to 'Reported:', as some people will
> need to update their muscle memory. But the similarity to the 'Reported-by:' tag
> (to be used in the same situation) should help here; and quite a bit of
> education in this area is needed anyway (see above). And 'Link:' stays around,
> so there is no harm done if it takes the world a while to adapt.
> FWIW, this is already v2, as I sent v1/RFC to workflows list and LKML only to
> test the waters and get some feedback. Due to that I chose to switched from the
> "Reviewed:" tag I proposed in v1 to the "Posted:" in v2.
> Among the feedback I got was also a suggestion from Konstantin, who proposed to
> continue with the Link: tag, but add hashtags after the URL to specify what it's
> about:
>     Link:   #report
>     Link: #review
> This shouldn't break existing scripts, as that is already allowed -- but it was
> hardly used, hence some scripts nevertheless might break. Downsides of this
> approach IMHO are: is easy to forget these hashtags when they have to be placed
> manually (e.g., in the Reported: case), require people to type more, and make a
> line that often is quite long already even longer. But FWIW, it's totally fine
> for me if it's decided to go down that route, then I'll adjust the patch
> accordingly.
> There were also a few suggestions to use tags closer to what users of Git forges
> are used to, but I didn't see anything that would be a good fit. If you know
> something (instead of "Posted:" maybe "MergeRequest:"?), let me know.
> Furthermore, the question came up if we still need the "Reported:" tag if we
> link to the report, as the information is available from the link. I left it, as
> show gratitude to the reporter, which motivates people.
> FWIW, If this bold proposal gets rejected, I'll simply submit the first patch of
> this series to improve the documentation of the status quo.
> Ciao, Thorsten
> ---
> v2/RFC: (this version)
> - split the non-controversial parts out into a preparatory patch
> - s/Reviewed:/Posted:/
> - a few minor changes due to review feedback from various people
> - mention some of the feedback from v1 in the cover letter
> v1/RFC:
> - first, *rough version* to see how this idea is received in the
>   community
> Thorsten Leemhuis (2):
>   docs: 5.Posting.rst: describe Fixes: and Link: tags
>   docs: introduce the commit message tags 'Reported:' and 'Posted:'
>  Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst   |  8 ++---
>  Documentation/process/5.Posting.rst          | 37 ++++++++++++++++----
>  Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst | 22 ++++++------
>  3 files changed, 46 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)
> base-commit: 065db2d90c6b8384c9072fe55f01c3eeda16c3c0

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