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Hi, all:

We have a generically named list `patches@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx` that can be used as
an address for sending patches.

This can be useful for a number of reasons:

1. those maintainers already using lei [1] can list patches@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as
   the mailing list address for their subsystem and receive mail sent to it
   via lei saved searches
2. mail sent to this address goes to public-inbox first, so it's likely to
   show up on very quickly, with fewest delays and omissions
3. you can use this address as an extra cc for mail sent to other lists that
   are less likely to preserve the message body as-is -- when retrieving mail
   with b4, it will give priority to the address in the presence of

Mostly, it's a dumping ground for patches. We can even use it as "THE REST"
address in MAINTAINERS to help offload some of the traffic from vger and make
linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx less of a firehose and more amenable to actual


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