Re: [Ksummit-discuss] RFC: create mailing list "linux-issues" focussed on issues/bugs and regressions

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On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 08:25:15PM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> I agree to the last point and yeah, maybe regressions are the more
> important problem we should work on – at least from the perspective of
> kernel development.  But from the users perspective (and
> reporting-issues.rst is written for that perspective) it feel a bit
> unsatisfying to not have a solution to query for existing report,
> regressions or not. Hmmmm...

First of all, thanks for working on reporting-issues.rst.  If we can
actually get users to *read* it, I think it's going to save kernel
developers a huge amount of time and frustration.

I wonder if it might be useful to have a form which users could be
encouraged to fill out so that (a) the information is available in a
structured format so it's easier for developers to find the relevant
information, (b) so it is easier for programs to parse, for easier
reporting or indexing, and (c) as a nudge so that users remember to
report critical bits of information such as the hardware
configuration, the exact kernel version, which distribution userspace
was in use, etc.

There could also be something in the text form which would make it
easier for searches to identify bug reports.  (e.g.,

					- Ted

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