Explore ideas on workflows improvements with Google Summer of Code mentoring program?

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Dear all,

Till Kamppeter and Aveek Basu organize the Google Summer of Code
student mentoring program in the name of the Linux Foundation. They
have set up a page for project ideas for the Linux Foundation's
participation in the linuxfoundation wiki:


I believe many ideas discussed here on this list, e.g., extensions to
patchwork, public-inbox, further bots, scripts, etc., are well suited
to be prototyped or implemented by students in the GSoC program.

If you agree and have some good ideas, please add your ideas to this
currently still empty draft page:


Ideas should be roughly described in five to six sentences, possibly
with a list of expectations on required knowledge a student should
show for its application. Within the application period later,
interested students have to write a much more extensive project
proposal as part of their application, by exchanging with the group to
refine the rough idea to a proper task and student project.

Please also take into account that the deadline for the application as
mentoring organization is Feb 5 and after that Google will evaluate
the applications. So have the ideas (at least most of them, ideas can
be posted up to the student application deadline) in by then to raise
chances to get accepted and get slots for students assigned.

If you have any questions concerning GSoC organisation, you can reach
out to Till, Aveek or me.

Best regards,


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