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> Hi,
> I'm writing to inform, that the current Windows infrastructure hosting
> sponsor doesn't plan to support the project anymore. Furthermore, a
> notification was given, that the servers will be taken down within a couple
> of next weeks. Alex Schoenmaker found another sponsor, so all the HW will
> have to be moved to a new place. As a consequence, some shortages are to
> expect. The particular date for the move is 3pm-4pm CET on Friday 20th
> January. The downtime might concern downloads, snapshot
> build uploads, as well as the PECL build and upload service. Especially as
> the boxes have to be physically disconnected, a downtime of at least one
> hour is possible. Please plan your possible work with accordance to this
> info.
> This action requires some one of the devops to set the new A record and to
> reload the DNS server configuration. I'm going to mail the new IP address
> for the A record to systems@xxxxxxx close to the moment things are about
> to
> move. A temporary redirect is planned for the transition time, so then at
> least the basic service should be back after the boxes are back online.
> However, this redirect will likely to be only active only until the end of
> January. Could please someone from the systems team give a confirmation,
> the
> record could be changed close to the move action?
> Thanks
> Anatol

Hi Anatol,

if such a change is planned, the TTL for the DNS record should probably be
adjusted to have a shorter caching of the old records.

Regards, Niklas

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