php_curl.dll won't load, no error information provided (5.4.38)

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I'm trying to update from 5.3.29 to 5.4.38 using the prebuilt
binaries. The existing install is in C:\PHP5.3.29 and the new one is
in C:\PHP5.4.38. I'm using Apache2.2 with this configuration:

PHPIniDir "C:/PHP5.4.38"
LoadModule php5_module "C:/PHP5.4.38/php5apache2_2.dll"

My ini, C:/PHP5.4.38/php.ini has:


The DLL file is in that directory. phpinfo() confirms it's loading the
expected configuration file. But phpinfo() does not list curl as an
enabled module. php_curl seems to be the only extension that is
misbehaving. Every other one I've tried (php_bz2.dll, php_gd2.dll,
php_gettext.dll, etc) is turned on and off by adding or removing an
"extension" line in the ini file and restarting Apache.

When I do restart Apache, there's no error or warning about the curl
extension on the command line (I'm using net stop/start). There's no
error/warning in Windows' event log. There's no error/warning in
Apache's error log.

So the curl extension isn't loading and the system is giving no
information I can find about what problem might be occurring. If
someone knows how to fix this that'd be great but even ideas on
getting useful debug messages would be helpful.

When using PHP5.3.29 where curl works, my Apache config is:

PHPIniDir "C:/PHP5.3.29"
LoadModule php5_module "C:/PHP5.3.29/php5apache2_2.dll"

And C:/PHP5.3.29/php.ini is identical except for the single line


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