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Thanks - now saw that on the PHP.Net documentation page relating to comments.

Think what confused me was that I'm just used to using/seeing // and /* being made use of, and found it odd that the prior developer had been using combinations of all of these.


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          In PHP  the # is a comment  for everything on the line  following the #    so as all these lines start with a # the rest of the lines are all comments

  Cheers Derek

  At 6/24/2014 06:04 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:

    Know this doesn't have too much to do with windows specific usage, but am
    working on/via windows installation of XAMPP myself, and am just wondering
    why in some new code am busy reviewing, they seem to be using sort of
    comment blocks inside code sort of like the following bit of text:
    ###start something
    # blah
    ###end of whatever

    Now, yes, in python, the # symbol is the comment character, but, can't
    imagine what this is doing in PHP, and, part of my reason for asking this
    question here is that google searches relating to the # character, or even
    searches in something like an offline .chm file are impossible, due to
    it's common usage in HTML, etc...<smile>

    Stay well


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