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as one could already have seen, the links to the extension DLLs has been
integrated into the PECL website. Basically the builds done until now are
shown. Together with the automatic builds this brings automatic updates
for every new release built for windows. A couple of notes I'd like to
bring about this:

- almost latest releases was used for builds
- extensions retaining no compat with windows but potentially compatible
was partly fixed and either pull requests was sent or fixes pushed
directly into repos, where possible, also extension prepared
- till now not every extension was built for various reasons
 * the legacy unmaintained extensions not compatible with 5.3+ wasn't built
 * some exts still miss config.w32 or don't include it into the tarball
 * there are of course extensions by design not compatible with windows,
so they couldn't be built anyway
 * some extensions aren't compatible with all the current PHP branches, so
only links to available builds are shown
 * library dependencies not (yet) prepared/visual studio incompatible, so
no build
 * some new releases lost C89 compatibility, so have failed
- nevertheless some extension DLLs aren't shown despite they're
downloadable, as well for various reasons
 * extension name is different in package.xml/PECL website/config.w32
(ZendOpcache vs. opcache, xcommerce vs. xcom, etc.), whereby all the
three should be the same (disregarded upper/lower case variant)
 * an ext is reqiered to have both TS/NTS build to succeed to be shown on
the list of DLL for the particular branch, so builds where only one of
TS/NTS builds is present aren't shown
 * there are some popular extensions built which aren't registered in
PECL, like twig or facedetect. They're still available for download but
have no PECL page to show them

About 100 worky PECL extension Windows builds are available at the moment.
Given PECL has about 300 extensions registered, that's already a good

After working so much on this matter I anticipate about 50 more extensions
potentially available to the windows users. However some effort will be
still needed to make it possible. For exts missing windows library
dependencies, please just ask. As well for any support regarding windows



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